Kambo is a powerful cocktail of peptides that is naturally produced within the secretion of the phyllomedusa bicolor frog. This powerful medicine is found in the amazon rainforest and collected locally by the Matses and other tribes. During the collection process, the secretion is gently swabbed from the skin of the frog and transferred to a wooden stick, where it is then evenly distributed across the stick and allowed to dry. 



Within the cocktail is an incredible mixture of peptides, that penetrates through the blood brain barrier into the cells of the participant. These peptides cause the participant to enter into a powerful detox via purge. While the medicine itself only stays on for a total of 20-40 minuets, the ceremony itself from start to finish, is around 2 hours. During which the medicine finds its way through the body and begins to cleanse the physical, emotion and spiritual bodies.



After fasting for 8 hours, ceremony will start with the participant drinking a large quantity of water. The gates are then burnt into the skin using a non scented incense stick and the medicine is applied to them. The participant will then undergo a series of symptoms from sweating palms and heart palpitations to a pounding head, persisting into the classic nausea experience. Purging can happen from both the ends, both through the mouth and rectally. The medicine will go where it needs to, cleaning, purifying and detoxing the body.


Once it is clear that the participant is through the purging process, the medicine is then removed and replaced by a tree sap (also found in the amazon) nicknamed “dragons blood.” Dragons Blood acts as a natural bandaid, protecting your gates from infection while its antimicrobials simultaneously begin the healing process.



After a kambo session you may feel the need to sleep and allow the energy to finish moving through the body, or may be met with an unexpected amount of energy and sometimes even a feeling of euphoria, all is perfect. Kambo moves differently in each of us. 




Chronic Pain


Lymes Disease


Blood Circulation

Parkinsons Disease

Alzheimers Disease

Chronic Fatigue

Vascular Insufficiency

Organ Diseases


Emotional Blocks

Stuck Energies

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Join me in Tepoztlan, Mexico where its spring weather year round for a powerful detox with the spirit of the kambo medicine. We can customize the container around your needs wether it is a 1 session ceremony or multiple sessions. You will have the option to stay onsite at our retreat centre or stay offsite and join us for ceremonies.